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How I Get My Live Sound

Sometimes people ask me how I get my live sound, and if I use backing tracks.  I have always avoided using backing tracks for several reasons: First of all I don’t like having to play a song exactly the same way every time.  If I am enjoying a song, the crowd is getting into it […]

Conscious Breathing – the Breath of Life

The importance of breathing with awareness is too often overlooked. It benefits our whole being - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Many people do not breathe properly. This article explains how to breathe and outlines some of the main benefits of conscious breathing.

New Energy and the Movement Beyond Duality

The old vibrational energy thinking that has dominated human history will fade as we move beyond duality into a new more efficient energy that is expansional in nature.

The Global Power Elite Are No Longer So Powerful

Despite their world dominance for millenia, the powerful elite - often called the Illuminati - are rapidly losing their power, as global consciousness rises and their structures and systems collapse.

Channelling – Part 1 – Edgar Cayce

Description of Channelling. The life of Edgar Cayce, his first reading, 20 years of successful healings, moving on to readings on philosophical readings philosophy, spirituality, meditation, dream interpretation, intuition, history and ancient civilizations, prophecies and relationship advice.

14 February 2009 – the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius?

A rare astrological alignment of 6 major astrological bodies in Aquarius on Feb 14 2009 coinciding with a prophecy from the song 'Aquarius' from the rock musical 'Hair' prompts astrologers to call for celebration of the New Age

Beliefs and Ideas

What we believe creates much of our reality, but much of our beliefs are simply absorbed from others. In the new consciousness old rigid beliefs wont sustain us. Ideas will be more malleable to changes.

A Brief History of the Rise of Global Consciousness – Part 1 – The Pre-Internet Years

Thoughts on Humanity's Coming of Age - Pivotal Events That Increased Planetary Awareness - Part 1 explores the movement from the tribal consciousness of early civilisations through to the beginnings of a true global awareness by the end of the 1980s